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Mapping Arts OC Community Launch Party

The project culminated with two public programs including a student symposium and keynote talk at California State University, Fullerton featuring Dr. Lara Kirby Pardo, founder of Blackbird Arts and Research, as well as a Community Launch Party held at Makara Center for the Arts.

Public Art

On December 13, 2018 Mapping Arts OC hosted a public launch party at Makara Center for the Arts, which is a Santa Ana based library & art center. During this evening of coloring, conversation and project demonstrations we asked the public: “Where in your city do you find history, creativity and community?” Responses to this question will inform the next phase of the Mapping Arts OC project. This event attracted a diverse group of participants from college students and artists to community activists, teachers and grade school kids. Explore some of the highlights from this evening in the presentation below.

Highlights from Mapping Arts OC Community Launch Party including event credits.

Broader Impacts

Since the community launch party other organizations have continued engaging topics of muralism and public art with discussions popping up at the OC Barrio Symposium in June 2019 (where we showcased the Mapping arts OC poster presentation), and at the second annual Orange County Archives Bazaar, in October 2019 wherein the CSUF Special Collections featured the Mapping Arts OC Illustrative Coloring Book. Also, since this project launched, two graduate students who worked on the project joined me to present our data at a the 2019 Annual Association of Geographers Conference in Washington, DC; and another student parlayed her work on this project into a successful grant application which then allowed her to attend an intensive workshop on visual resource management and the digital humanities. With the digital map released to the public, another CSUF graduate student in public history expanded the digital map to include murals commissioned by PoW! Wow! in Long Beach, CA, as a part of her masters in public history project.

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